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Earning Money App

Wallet Joy is a rewards application for Android devices with multiple features. You can obtain thousands of downloads in a short time and therefore you can earn a lot of money without the need for programming knowledge.

Daily Reward

There's a daily reward that is always counted down with a 24 hour timer. You can set the amount of points the user will earn.


Additionally you can activate the new daily rewards system with different amounts each day.


Referral Program

App also includes friend referral program. The referral program rewards both the referral and the referral. You can set the amount of points the user will earn.


Lucky Wheel

Users can spin the lucky wheel and earn more points, and they can earn more chances to spin after watching a rewarded video.


Redeem Methods

You can add or remove the redeem methods you want.


Demo admin

user - walletjoyadmin

pass - 123

App Demo

Latest update

Fix some bug

Fix login issue

30 July 2022 20:00:09


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