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Reward joy is an Advanced Multi Gaming application that contains Games, Offerwall, Watch Video, Daily Login Bonus, Spin Wheel, Refferal System, Refferal Tasks That Allow you to Monetize your app While entertaining.

this app Contain Powerful Admin Panel that Comes with App Source code For Free. that will allow Admin to control Everything Remotely Without Updating Application.

This application have most clean, better looking And Unique UI Design that attracts Most users.

HTML5 Games You can add Any Web Game without Touching Your application via Admin Panel 

Advance Redeem Section add Seperate Redeem section for every categories like if you add Paytm and PayPal then there will be two categories one for the Paytm and one for the PayPal and you can add multiple Redeems for one section without Adding multiple paypal and Paytm Redeems.

App Features
It's easy to change app logo, package name and setup Admin Panel.
Daily check-in is the best way to bring back users to earn rewards without doing anything.
You can set daily check-in amount via Admin Panel 


  • AdGate Media
  • Offer Toro
  • Avet Studios
  • Iron Source 

Ad Network

  • Facebook Audiance Network 
  • Unity Ads
  • Iron Source
  • Adcolony

Note :- Approval From adnetworks is required 
If your app is rejects/declined by any adnetwork then you have to disable that adnetwork via Admin Panel and countinue with approved once. Wait till your application get users then re-apply For the adnetwork.

App feature

  • Clean and unique Ui design
  • Clean User interface
  • Login and sign-up ( one account per device )
  • Splash screen
  • Referral system ( amount can be set via admin panel )
  • Refferal Tasks ( Task can be added via Admin Panel )
  • Watch Video and Get Rewards
  • Play Games and Get Rewards
  • Spin and Earn ( Spin Limit Can Be Set Via Admin panel )
  • Redeem Section ( redeem Type, amount can be  Set via admin panel )
  • User Can see Transaction History & Rewards History
  • Notification ( can be sent via admin panel )
  • Leaderboard
  • Fraud Prevention : VPN Detection ( Can Be On/Off Via Admin Panel )

Admin Panel Features

  • Clean, Powerful and secure admin panel
  • Website, Refferal Task, Games, Redeem Can be Edit, Delete, Update
  • Manage Users Edit, Block, Add Coin, Delete, User Activity, Track User Details 
  • Fraud Prevention : One Device one Account, Vpn detection 
  • Approve/Reject user payment Request
  • Manege offerwall Setting
  • Manage Spin Wheel Setting
  • Send Notifications


What you get ?
 Source Code
 Admin Panel 



Change Log

Version 1.3 (sep-26-2022)


 - Fix facebook login error 
 - Added New security in admin panel
- Fix some bugs in app and admin panel
- Improved Fraud Prevention
- Improved Some UI Design
Version 1.2 (sep-10-2022)


 - Fix OfferWall postback url issue
 - Add User Search box feature
- Improved Some UI Design
Version 1.1


 - Fix Facebook login error
 - Fix Redeem user payment address not sowing
 - Fix add game issue
- Fix admin username change issue
- Improved Some UI Design
Version 1.0


 - fix Facebook Login Issue
 - Fix IronSource Watch Video Bug
 - Improved Some UI Design 

12 September 2022 13:22:00


10 September 2022 08:40:21

Nice app

05 September 2022 21:42:59

Awesome Support By Author

01 September 2022 08:06:59

Amazing Support & Amazing app & Amazing UI Everything is amazing. Thanks for providing at cheap price.


Demo admin panel username password give me please.

10 October 2022, 08:28:57

11 October 2022, 05:20:45

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